A Word from Arctic Spas® Canada

We Share this Planet

Leaving a smaller environmental impact is not a destination but an ongoing journey, and Arctic Spas® is committed to constantly making steps that further this cause. Canadians are inextricably tied to the land - we are blessed with incredible diversity and beauty and the respect for this land is a key part of our operations.

At the heart of our strategy is the reduced environmental impact of each of our spas as it operates year after year in your backyard. By using less electrical energy everyday, in every backyard, we strive to provide not only a reduced environmental footprint, but an economic benefit for our customers.

Some other green initiatives we are involved with:

  1. Not only has Arctic Spas® met all current efficiency legislations across the globe, but we have taken a leadership role, and have lobbied for more rigorous regulation and legislation of energy efficient requirements for the future. By raising the bar we are challenging our own organisation and our industry to spend the time and resources to make efficiency a priority.

  1. Creatively looking at new ways to insulate better. Insulation is a key component in operating efficiency, particularly in cold weather climates. Our FreeHeat® Insulation system is the platform that we will evolve and refine and we will continue to progressively develop our spa cover systems as well.

  1. We are constantly looking to improve water quality through technology, thereby reducing the amount of chemical that must be added to spa water to keep it safe and clean. Our 1 micron filtration systems physically remove many of the contaminants that other technology leaves behind to be chemically treated, and our continued development of the OnzenTM Salt Water system will drastically reduce the amount of sanitising product that is required over the lifetime of our spas.

  1. We have partnered with PEFC for the ethical and responsible management of the forest areas that produce wood product for our spas. Through this partnership we are working to provide beautiful and functional cedar cabinets from highly sustainable sources.

  1. We are working internally to reduce paper products in our operations. Through a variety of technologies we have moved to electronic systems to replace paper systems. Our customer service and technician training sessions for example, are primarily delivered online - this has reduced not only the paper required for training manuals, etc. but the carbon footprint of airline flights for these training sessions.

  1. Paper products that we are still using are sourced from FSC-compliant sources wherever possible, and all our facilities use recycling extensively. Our production facilities have on-going quantifiable programs in place to promote and evaluate the reductions in construction material waste that we are able to achieve - there is always more we can do.

Arctic Spas® is invested in the communities where we maintain facilities. Our World Headquarters in Thorsby, Alberta, Canada is the primary employer in the area, and we contribute to programs that foster healthy, active, and environmentally sound lifestyles within this community. Our operations in Washington State, USA strive to do the same, participating in many events, festivals and programs that put the environment first. We hope that as you strive to make better choices for our planet, you support our efforts through your purchase. Thank you.

Environmentally Sound