This varies according to use, but as a rough guide 35 pence to 80 pence per day. Swim spas can cost significantly more.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

No, but a hose pipe top up is needed every three months.

Does it need to be plumbed to the mains water supply?


Do I need a qualified electrician to connect it?

We offer a free site survey once you have selected your spa, but there is normally an option.

What if access to my garden is difficult or impossible?

We will.

Who will commission the hot tub and explain how it works?

We are, but is this sensible for future back up?

Are you willing to supply me, I live 100 miles away from you?

Arctic Spas are as reliable as a high end car. We do not sell low quality breakdown products from the far east.

Are hot tubs reliable?


Will you service or repair my hot tub should this be necessary?

Yes, we are pleased to have met some good local tradesmen.

Do you know an electrician, ground-worker or crane company that might help me?

Frequently Asked Questions