As a company we exercise a policy of fairness. If something were to go wrong, we are keen that you should be treated courteously and fairly. That means even if it is not covered by a warranty we will still listen. Life seldom fits neatly into boxes.

Coyote Spas - up to 7 years warranty. See details on our Coyote hot tubs.

Arctic Spas - up to a lifetime warranty. See details on our Arctic Spas.

Call out charges - we raise a call out charge of £50 inc VAT. We do not normally apply this to any spa under a year old unless it has been abused.

Labour charges: Up to:

                                                1 hour - £42 inc

                                                4 hours - £38 inc, per hour

                                                over 4 hours - £36 inc, per hour

Non - Warranty

Parts Charges - As per manufacturer, guides - no premium rates.

It’s that simple - transparent trading - what you want and what we both know to be fair.

  All prices include VAT @ 20%